Monday, October 24, 2011

USMCR Freedom 5k

This past Saturday I ran in my fourth race the USMCR Freedom 5k.  Actually, we (the family) all ran in this race.  The race was organized by the Marines and it benefited the Hope for Warriors.  The race director is the husband of one of my running friends from the running school.  A few of the girls from our running group also ran in this race.  Everybody did GREAT!!  I set a new PR of 31:22!!  I was so surprised (and happy) with my finish time.  I'm starting to think a finish time of under 30 minutes is going to be possible.  Maybe after a few more races.  I also met another goal - I ran the ENTIRE race.  No walk breaks, yay!

It was pretty chilly outside that morning so it gave me a preview of what fall running will be like.  It wasn't that bad once I started running.  The body heats up pretty quick.  I wore a pair of compression capris (which I love now) a long sleeve tech shirt and the tech race shirt.  The race shirt was thin so it was purely for fashion purposes!  Actually about a mile into the race, I wondered if I would get too hot in long sleeves.  I didn't think about the sun being out - when I ran eariler in the week it was still chilly but in the evening and the sun was going down.  But it was all good.  Here are some pics.

I was also very proud of my son since this was his first race and he had a finish time of 26:38!  And proud of my husband who also set a new PR of 20:23 and won first place in his age group!  We are becoming a running family!  Well onto the next race which is this Saturday and it's the Halloween themed race.  Remember that super cute costume I mentioned in an eariler post?  I don't think I will be setting any new PR's running in a costume but it's still going to be fun!

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