Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running school comes to an end

Last night was the celebration picnic for the women's running school (WRS). We met at a park that we have ran a few times.  Of course me and some of my running buddies managed to get in a short 2 mile run before the picnic started! After eating and chatting, we recognized all the coaches who made it possible for us to finish this running school with success. 

The Women's Only 5k was this past Saturday and unfortunately, I was not able to run in it because of work.  I normally don't work on weekends except for twice a year and this year it just happened to be October 1st. But it's okay, there is always next year.  And I am so glad that the girls on the black team all did great!  I wish I could have made in this picture but don't they look great?!

This is a picture from the Women's Only race last year that I again wasn't able to run in, but did volunteer. Also this was the day I made my hip flexor injury much worse (see one of my first posts). That's me being not-so-slim in the front left corner.  To be fair, I did have on two t-shirts, a jacket and that lovely orange vest.  But what a difference I am physically from one year ago. Wow.

I never actually wrote down my goals for the running school (like I was supposed to in my manual) but I had them in my head.  When I finished I wanted to: 1. Run 3 miles at least 3 times a week; 2. Run in 5k races; 3. Improve my 5k race time; 4.  Find a group/new friends to run with.  I'm happy to say that I met ALL of my goals!!  I'm so glad I joined the WRS and as I said in one of my earlier posts, the third time was the charm!  I truly believe I am on my way to becoming an official runner.  What is an official runner?  I guess that all depends on who you ask.  I'll save my thoughts on that topic for a later post.

So now that the school is over what's going to keep me motivated and running?  Well, I have a list of 5k races to get me through December.  Five races if I make it too all of them.  One of them being a Halloween themed race and I actually purchased a costume this past weekend!  This is not me at all - I normally don't get into dressing up and haven't since I was a kid.  I wasn't even looking for a costume, but saw the cutest one and it was pretty cheap (but didn't look cheap as far as costumes go).  I had originally decided not to do the race because Michael (my hubby) has a race that morning and my son has a football game later.  It is already a busy Saturday.  But after I found this costume, the idea popped in my head that I had to get it and run in this race.  So I did!  OMG, it's so cute I can't stand it!

Besides the races, I need to figure out a training plan.  A few of my running buddies plan to join another school.  This one is a 16 week program that trains you for a half-marathon.  They plan to do a half-marathon in March.  I'm not ready to start training for a half-marathon.  I do want to improve my pace and distance.  I think this school will also offer a 10k program if there is enough interest.  Still, I'm not sure that I want to commit to another school right now and spend more money.  These race fees add up!  Plus, there is a bunch of information and training plans online for free.  Running in the fall is going to be new for me.  I'm going to need some warmer running clothes and I'm sure I need a new pair of running shoes!  It will also be getting darker earlier and eventually our group will not be able to run in the evening.  I guess I will be spending more time at the Y on the treadmill.  So I think my plan is to find a training program online that will increase my pace and distance, continue meeting my running group and run in some 5k races!

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