Monday, October 24, 2011

The past few weeks

It's been a few weeks since I have posted because nothing really exciting has been going on in my running world.  I did find a training program for an 8k online by Hal Higdon.  I found his name from another running blog that I read.  It seemed like the level I needed was intermediate because it started with 3 mile runs which is what I have been doing.  But the total weekly mileage was around 16 miles for the first week and I have only been running about 9-10 miles a week.  That seemed like too much of a jump at this point.  The training program also included speed training and a longer slow run once a week.  I would like to do both of those in addition to my weekly runs.  So I didn't really start following the plan but I have continued to run about 10 miles a week.  The 8k that I plan to run is not until March 2012 so I have some time to build up my weekly mileage and then I could start this training plan at a later date.

Am I a runner yet?  Depends on your definition. I read this quote "If you run, you are a runner".  Well, then by that quote I am a runner.  But others may think you need to be able to run fast or run greater distances like marathons.  One day last week I had a realization that I am a runner.  We had to go by a store after work and it was about 6:45 when we got back home and I still needed to get a run in.  It starts getting dark around 7pm.  So I thought I would just go for a quick run around the neighborhood since the street lights would be on.  I ran for about 20 minutes and it even started to rain some, just a little mist.  Running out there in the dark I felt like a runner.

Now fast forward to the next evening's run.  When I got home from work the skies were dark and it looked like it was going to pour down rain.  We checked the radar and it looked okay.  If we went ahead and ran we could probably make it back home before the rain.  We is my hubby (Michael), my son (Ryan) and myself.  Ryan and I are running together since Michael is super fast.  There was a light mist when we started and I hoped it wouldn't start to rain harder.  But it did.  As soon as we hit the trails the rain started to come down harder.  I found some trees to hang out under and decided that was it for me.  Of course the boys continued on to run, not phased by the rain.  It was at that point that I realized...uh...maybe I'm not a runner after all.  I will admit I'm not that dedicated to run in the pouring (or halfway pouring) rain.  And I'm OK with that.

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