Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nightmare on Elm Street 5k

Well I did it!  Another PR on my Halloween themed 5k.  My first finish time UNDER 30 minutes!  Official chip time was 29:38.  And I did it running in a costume!  I was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood which was the super cute costume I was so excited about.  Not saying I was super cute, but I just loved the costume. 

I really can't believe that I finished under 30 minutes.  After the Freedom Run last week, it seemed like a possibility but I thought it would still take a while.  Honestly when Saturday got here, I wasn't even sure if I was still going to run in this race.  It had been raining Friday and early Saturday morning and it was cold.  My husband had a race that morning so we were up early and out in the yucky weather.  But it stopped raining and the sun even came out for the afternoon.  It was still cold though and windy.  And I knew I had to do it - after all that's why I bought the costume a month ago.

We got to the race site and I signed up.  It was a small race with only about 70 runners.  I'm not sure why because it was actually a pretty cool run downtown and wasn't too hilly.  Plus there was beer and pizza afterwards.  Several runners were dressed up and I had hoped to win the costume contest (I need some new running shoes), but I didn't .  A girl dressed up as Beth from that show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" won the contest and was the first female finisher.  It was a pretty cool costume, she ran in a wig and 2 big balloons!

After I made the last turn to the finish line, I checked my watch and it was around 28 minutes.  I could see the finish line so I thought I would give it all I could to try and finish under 30.  As I was almost at the finish line, I checked my watch and it was around 29 minutes and I realized I was going to do it.  It was such a great feeling!  We stuck around after the race for a little bit as I tried to drink a beer, but it was getting colder.  I am glad I stayed long enough to get my award - an awesome pint glass!  Actually all runners got one, but it was still cool.

Of course now comes some doubts like, was the course really 3.12 miles?  I know it wasn't certified not all courses are anyways.  But that could explain why I finished under 30.  Hopefully, it was the actual true 5k distance.  Each 5k race I have consistently improved my time.  But when is that going to end?  Now I'm worried that my next race I won't do as well.  What if I don't finish under 30 next time?  All courses are different.  Some may be faster while some may have more hills. 

I know it's not realistic to think I will get a PR every time I race and I'm not thinking that.  But of course, it would be nice to finish under 30.  I have another race next Saturday the Free to Breathe.  It's also downtown but not the same course as my last race.  Although it does have a portion of that course in it.  It's a national race so it's probably going to be the biggest race I have ran in so far.  Maybe I will finish under 30, maybe I won't.  I'm not going to let that be my goal.  My goal is to go out there and do the best I can. 

See how windy it was?

You can see the girl dressed up as Beth in the back

The first hill

Hill on Elm St. getting closer to the end

Near the finish I was running as hard as I could!

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