Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lifetime and 6 miles

I made LIFETIME for WW!!! I wasn't expecting it because I thought it would be on next week's weigh-in. Boy it was close too! But I did it and got my lifetime key charm. Since I want to be about five pounds less than goal, I decided to get back to working the plan again. I realized over these past six weeks, I was able to maintain without much effort but I didn't lose any weight. I got slack with tracking my food. I figured I was running and working out more so I thought that would help me lose a few pounds. Tracking food really is the key to WW and losing weight (at least for me). I don't know why but it just works.

Lifetime key charm!
On Sunday morning I met my running buddies for a group run! It's been so long since I've ran with them. I forgot how much faster the time goes by running with other people. We ran 6 miles! That was the first time I have ever ran that far. It actually wasn't that bad. I finished in 1 hour 5 minutes. For some reason I was nervous about the run. Almost like it was a race. We met at 10am and I was worried about running in the morning since I usually run in the evening. I didn't want to eat much but I knew I had to eat something. I opted for toast with peanut butter and half a banana. I think I was nervous about running 6 miles and not sure that I could do it. But everything was fine. I was really supposed to run 5.5 miles but what's another 1/2 mile?

Monday evening I did a spin class at the Y and this instructor kicked my butt! Although I liked her much better than the guy from last week. She focused more on climbs with a higher level of resistance. I have been averaging around 20 miles but this class was just a little over 16 miles because of the climbs. I definitely felt the soreness today. But not enough to keep me from running 4 miles tonight! Disclaimer: I did take an Aleve 15 minutes ago :) Michael went with me since it was so nice outside and again he helps me run faster. I finished in 40:34. Not too bad. That course included several hills too. I don't think I will ever like hills but they say hills make you stronger!

Plan for the rest of the week: pilates (thank goodness it's tomorrow I need it!), easy 3 mile run, spin class, maybe a 2 hour zumba class (it filled up fast and I'm on the waitlist). Sunday will be a long run - 6 miles again? I'm going to go for it!

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