Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Goals

It's the beginning of a new year and a new set of goals.  2011 was a great year.  I was sooo close to making my WW goal weight by year end - only 0.6 pounds away.  Even though I didn't officially make it by the end of the year, I still lost 40 pounds in 2011!!  I'm also much more active than I have ever been in my life. I actually enjoy running, body pump classes, pilates, and now spinning!  

I've neglected blogging over the past few weeks.  Mainly because after the Gobbler race on Thanksgiving, my left leg (IT band?) was bothering me and I had to take a break from running.  I did stay active and even went to the Y to work out on the elliptical machine a couple of times.  I'm not a big fan of the elliptical.  I also started a spinning class which I really like.  Although I wasn't able to run in the Reindeer Romp race, I have been able to start running again the past two weeks.  I'm a bit slower but at least I've been out there running!  I even did a "Running of the Lights" run (twice actually).  The GRC and some of my running buddies met in the evening in a neighborhood that has lots of tree ball lights.  It was pretty cool.  I also did my first 4 mile run on Christmas Eve. 

I thought I would start my "2012 Goals" list off with 12 goals.  Instead of big general type goals, I focused on specific measurable goals.  So here goes...
  1. Keep a record of all my runs using Runkeeper or Garmin website.  At the end of 2012 I want to be able to know the total number of miles I ran.
  2. Start 10k training program January 2.
  3. Run my first 8k race in March (Beer Run!).
  4. Post to my blog (ARG) weekly.
  5. Run 500 miles in 2012.
  6. Finish a 5k race in 27 minutes (9 minute pace).
  7. Do additional core exercises twice a week.
  8. Increase weights in body pump class.
  9. Make Lifetime member for WW.
  10. Take daily multi-vitamin.
  11. Eat more vegetables.
  12. Read a book once a month.
I think this is a pretty good start for goals even though most focus on fitness/health.  There are some other things I have to figure out like do I want to sit for the CPA exam (again) or maybe I want to pursue a MHA degree.  Not sure about those yet.  And of course I don't have to limit myself to just 12 goals.  I'll add more as the year goes on. 

At the beginning of December I bought a Garmin watch that me and my husband love.  It's a Forerunner 205 which is an older model but we got it used for 50 bucks!  It was in perfect condition.  My husband has been using Runkeeper and I started using it after we got the Garmin.  But he also checked out the Garmin website and said I may want to use that website instead.  I need to check it out and figure out which site I will use to log my runs (goal #1).  Other blogs I follow, which are so much better than mine, post their running stats on their sidebar.  I may see if I can figure that out too.  Maybe in addition to posting weekly (goal #4) I can make some improvements to my blog.  It's pretty plain but that is because I don't know how to do all the fancy cool stuff on here.  Oh well, one step at a time! 

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