Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy weekend

Week two of 10k training went well until the weekend got here. I had stuck to the plan this week expect I missed my body pump class on Tuesday because of a meeting at work. How dare work interfere with my exercise schedule! It does happen from time to time but I am still glad I am able to workout on my lunch hour most days. Saturday was supposed be interval runs on the track. But it was rainy all day and I didn't want to go to the Y to run on the dreadmill. And I was lacking in motivation. My son spent the weekend at his grandmother's house which gave me and Michael a chance to go out for dinner and drinks on Friday night. Which also meant we stayed up too late on Friday night and slept in late on Saturday morning. I did some cleaning Saturday then vegged out on the coach for a few hours watching TV. I hardly ever do this! I got lured into watching several episodes of Mob Wives. This show is crazy! I'm actually watching it right now too ;)

Later that day we went out to do some shopping. Michael needed some new running shoes so we went to Dick's Sporting Goods store. Of course I had to check out the clearance racks. I found a fleece toboggan with a pony tail cut out for less than five bucks. We also found Michael a nice toboggan too, but without the pony tail cut out of course. Saturday night we stayed at home playing games on the PS3 and had a few beers. And again stayed up too late which meant sleeping in late Sunday morning. Sunday was supposed to be my long run. But again I lacked motivation because it was so cold! I think the temperature was about 32 degrees all day and it just looked like it was going to snow.

So it was a completely run free and lazy weekend. I'm not perfect. And honestly I don't usually have weekends like that. But maybe that's okay. We all need a break every once in a while. It's kinda nice to just veg out. Although I do have some guilt about not running at all. So instead of cross training tomorrow, I think I will run. Maybe take some of the guilt away. The weather this week is going to be in the low 60's so I don't have to worry about the cold but it may rain some. Hopefully I can run outside this week instead of going to the Y.

I also decided to add another goal to my list...Run a half-marathon! OK first I know I have to run an 8k then a 10k but I made up my mind that I will run a half-marathon this year. And I already picked one out. Hershey half-marathon at Hershey Park PA. It's in October so plenty of time to train. Perfect time to train for one too - in the heat of summer. Okay that may not be the best timing but oh well. My buddy Jeff lives in York PA and he is going to do it too. I'm pretty sure Michael will race too. I'm excited especially about the medal. It's a big silver Hershey kiss!

I also may run a different 10k race in April. There is one at the beach in Oak Island that we are thinking about doing. Well Michael wants to run the 5k in hopes of winning it overall. I can't imagine ever running as fast as him. But I would do the 10k. It sounds like a nice scenic race and would be relatively flat. There is one big bridge that looks a bit difficult. Another than that, it seems like a great race. We have a friend that has a condo at a beach nearby Oak Island so we are going to see if we could use it for that weekend.  I guess that's really what will be the deciding factor.

Well after my lazy relaxing weekend, I am ready to work it out with some good runs this week!

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