Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Turkey Trot 5k

This year our Turkey run came before Thanksgiving. The local Thanksgiving Day race is the Greensboro Gobbler 5k which we did last year and it was just okay. It’s good to do for fun, but it’s very crowded and the course is a hilly loop (not my favorite course) that you run twice. Instead this year we decided to do the Turkey Trot in Reidsville which was on November 10.

Pre-race with some of the WRS Royal Blue girls
Really Michael wanted to do this race once he heard they gave out actual trophies! It’s a small race and based on last year’s finish times (and the fact that he’s fast!) he had a pretty good shot at winning one. Actually based on last year’s finish times, I had a chance of placing in my age group and we all know I’m NOT fast! But last year’s results do not mean it will be the same this year.

I talked Ryan into signing up for the 1 mile fun run instead of the 5k. He wasn’t happy about it at first, but I knew that he hadn’t been running much and 3 miles would be much less enjoyable than just one mile. Plus it was his birthday weekend so I wanted him to be in a good mood (if that’s possible, he is officially a teenager now). My BIL and his crew came out to run and some of my running buddies from the Women’s Running School.

The 1 mile fun run was first and Ryan did great with a 7:30 mile! All the fun run participants (under age 15) received a medal which was cool. Even cooler was that they gave out trophies for the 1 mile run and Ryan won first place in his age group!

Ryan getting his trophy

Ryan and my nephew Britain who also won his age group for the 5k!
The finish times this year were nothing like last year. Michael finished sixth place overall even with a sub-20! He still won first place in his age group and got a cool trophy. Not quite the karate trophy first place overall male and female got…those things were huge! 

Michael and another trophy
I had a great run that day and set another 5k PR!!! My official chip was 29:07!! I was so happy to finish sub-30 again. So many times I have come close to my goal of finishing under 30 minutes and now I’ve done it twice! The last little bit was uphill and once I realized I was close to the finish line, I thought I might could even finish in under 29 minutes. I gave it all I had but there just wasn’t much left. My legs were seriously on fire!

Me at the end struggling
This year’s field was much faster than last year. I didn’t even come close to placing in my age group. My BIL didn’t place either and he usually does. It was still a good race and I’m very happy with my new PR. Ryan was sweet and said I could have his finishing medal since I did PR. Awwww… Maybe one day I will actually win a medal!

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