Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 miles

Hello ARG readers! I’m still trying to catch up on blogging to current dates (my last post I just posted happened 3 weeks ago). So I’m going to make this post a recap of the past few weeks and it will help me not feel so far behind!

WRS coaching update: The Royal Blue group (or Royal Pains as we named it) is still doing fantastic! Only 3 more official class group runs and then it’s time for the big dance…Women’s Only 5k on October 6. For the next 2 runs, their run intervals increase to 10 minutes with 2 minutes of walking times 3 sets. This will be their biggest yet but I know they can do it! We’ve been running in some challenging hilly areas since the race has a few hills in it (like every race around here). They are learning to embrace the hills (me too) since we know they make us stronger runners!

Half-marathon training update: I have a new personal distance…10 miles!!! Yay, finally double digits! I met some of the girls to run on a different greenway a couple of Sunday’s ago. This greenway is actually on my side of town so I was excited to try it out. I’ve been there before and walked it with the boys but I haven’t run on it. We met in the morning around 8:30 and I was hoping my tummy would cooperate better with me this time. From our starting point, I did 3 miles out and back. The beginning of the greenway out of the park was kind of slanted. This was the only part I didn’t like. But once you got a little ways out, the path leveled out. It was nice and shady and had a couple of water streams. It’s good to have different scenery to look at.

It happened to be a weekend Michael was working a triathlon out of town, so Ryan went with me and rode his bike. After I ran 6 miles and he biked 6 miles, he was ready to go. Seasonal allergies started back up for him that week and he wasn’t feeling great. I really wanted to stay and finish out 4 more miles, but sometimes you gotta what you gotta do. I figured I could just run 4 miles around my neighborhood when we got back home. So my question is does it still count as a 10 mile run even though I got a 45 minute break after mile 6? Well I kept my Garmin going as if it was one continuous run just to see those double digits! I will say it was nice to have a bathroom break and chance to refuel and hydrate. If only I could get that kind of break during the half, but of course, it doesn’t count against my time…I could deal with that!

I also got in some speed work doing mile repeats. Coach Jen set my pace time for 9:45 and I thought there is no way I can do that. But I was very excited with my splits: 9:33, 9:50, 9:40. Yeah I rocked those mile repeats! The weather here has been perfect for running. It’s been much cooler and dry, love less humidity! You can really tell fall is just around the corner.

This Saturday I’ve got the third race in the Race the Bar series. Here are my posts from the first and second race. I’m doing the 5k again and I think I’m supposed to somehow run like 12 miles that day too (ugh). We checked the course out the other day at lunch and of course, hilly! Some of the course is the same as the Beer Run which had some major hills. I’m calling it, the Mini Beer Run since its 3.1 miles instead of 5.2 miles. I don’t have hopes of finishing sub 30 minutes on this course. My goal is to finish with a decent time and hopefully continue to secure my spot in third place overall until the next race (yes third place, I don’t aim high). It’s only by default of actually doing all four races since I’m obviously not fast. If I fall out of placing, I probably won’t do the next one. There is actually another race that day that sounds much more fun…Greensboro Zombie Run!

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