Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sold Out

There has been lots of running going on around here! So much so, I can’t even find time to post once a week! I’m on week four of coaching (assistant coaching) the Royal Blue team in the Women’s Running School. They are doing an AWESOME job! Last week they ALL ran on their run interval every time! They even scored extra points for running more at the end of the intervals. I think it’s so exciting when they see how they progress each week and realize that they can do this. I remember being there not too long ago myself. Even though I don’t know much about running, I hope my support and motivation is helping them in some way.

I myself have been progressing as I am on week 5 of half-marathon training. The runs are getting longer each week and my body is definitely more tired afterwards. I know it’s all part of the process and eventually my muscles will get used to the longer distance. At least I need them to make it for the next two months and this one race! Since this is my first half, I don’t know if I will love it or hate it. There is an appeal to the half because of cool destination races and medals. In my mind there are other half’s I want to do (Rock n’ Roll series, Disney Princess, lot’s more) but I have to slow myself down because I may not even like this distance!

I was starting to wig out a bit last week about the half. Questions filled my head like do I need to wear a belt? Take gels? Carry a water bottle? What will the weather be like? What will I wear?!? I went on the Hershey Half website and read every detail about the race. I don’t want to be a head case and stress out about the race when it’s two months away. I want to enjoy this experience. So I put those questions out of my mind for now. I know I will figure that stuff out as the training goes on and I will get advice from my coach and running friends.

This past weekend we went online to register my hubby for the Hershey half and bad news, they are sold out!! I felt so bad because it was my fault since I kept forgetting to get him registered. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do it at first so I only registered. He was disappointed but got over it pretty quick. He was mainly looking forward to the cool Hershey Kiss medal! I even emailed them to ask about a wait list or bib transfers, but they don’t do any of that. Hey it never hurts to ask. He is still training and plans to do another half probably in town. Making two destination races in the fall is just not in the budget. So if there’s a race you really want to do and it typically sells out, register early!! Lesson learned.

I’ve got a 5k this Saturday and I’m supposed to do 8 miles. The plan has the 8 miles incorporated with the 5k (2 miles before & 3 miles after) but I’m not sure if I will do that yet (or can do that!). I may just do the 5k on Saturday and do 8 really easy miles on Sunday. My running buds are going to a new place on Sunday to run and I would like to check it out. I don’t have high hopes about having a PR for the 5k since my pace has been slower after the ankle injury. But it’s all good. I haven’t done a race since May so I’m just ready to get out there and have some fun!

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