Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past week I was starstruck. I love music and listen to all different genres. They tend to go in waves. Like recently, I listen to more pop music. Mainly for the higher BPM’s (beats per minute) which make great running songs. No matter what genre wave of music I am in, I have my "staple" artists that I always listen to like Jimmy Buffett, Foo Fighters, Dierks Bentley…which is who I got to meet! I’ll admit, there was a time I really got into country music. That faded and it got to a point where I really didn’t like any of it. But during that phase I discovered Dierks music and it became one of my staples. So when I heard he was coming in concert, I knew we had to go. About a week before the concert, I entered a contest with a local radio station for a chance to see him perform at lunchtime and meet him. I was so shocked that I actually won! We got to the radio station and it was probably about 15 other winners plus each could bring a guest. Dierks played (along with two band members) for about 30 minutes and did some Q&A with the DJ in between songs. Then each winner and their guest got to meet him along with a picture and autograph. It was so cool! I’m pretty sure I sounded like an alien talking to him in that whole 45 seconds to 1 minute conversation. He stuck his hand out to meet me and said "Dierks" and I actually forgot my name. I guess I finally told him and he even made sure he was spelling it correctly for my autograph! Like I don’t care put whatever you want to! He really did seem down to earth though, like he’s no big deal (even though I think he is). I know this doesn’t have to do with running so I will tie something in…at the concert he played his song "Free and Easy" which I remembered is a great running song! The concert was awesome and it was such a perfect day. If there was one country star I could ever meet, it would definitely be Dierks. Now if I could only meet Dave Grohl…

See my big cheesy smile!

Lunchtime concert - super close up!
So obviously I do listen to music when I run, but not all the time. It varies. If I’m on the dreadmill, the ipod is a must. If I’m running alone outside, I also listen but only use one earbud (for safety) and I don’t have it up too loud. I do the same thing in a race. But I usually don’t listen to music when running with someone or a group. For me during a race, the music can pump me up and get me going; usually too fast in mile 1 and then I don’t even notice it’s playing in mile 3. However, sometimes it’s nice to just go out for a run by myself without the ipod and have that time to think about things. Or think about nothing at all. Do you listen to music when you run? Or does it vary like me?

Bootcamp ended last week. Although I enjoyed it, the 3 night a week commitment along with the running group 2 nights a week was starting feel a little overwhelming. Not to mention I was still trying to keep my lunchtime exercises classes 3 days a week. Everybody needs rest and recovery days and I wasn’t getting many. Now I think my schedule will be a little more manageable. But wait, the pool opens this weekend…how am I going to fit in lounging by the pool? Looks like more rest days in my training plan! ;)

No one told me the front row had to put their hands on knees!

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