Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random stuff and 7 miles

I've been so busy lately...working additional hours, buying a new car (used car but new to me and I LOVE it!), trying to stick to the training schedule for the 10K, and keeping our little household in order. I'm so ready for the weekend beach trip this weekend and to have this 10K race over and done with! Actually I am excited about the race but I think it will be nice to have a break from a training plan.

March goals update: I'm not going to list them all again (mainly because I don't have enough time) but I did complete another goal - run my first 8K race (Beerun!).  I still have the same ones I can improve on: eating more veggies, core exercises, finding time to read. I ran 48.45 total miles in March. A little less than February. I missed my long runs both Sundays after the 8K and 5K races.

Speaking of long runs...I have a new personal distance. I ran 7 miles this past Sunday. I went slower and averaged an 11 minute mile. I also carried my handheld water bottle and tried a Gu on mile 4. Carrying the water bottle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I definitely needed the water. The Gu was Vanilla Bean flavor and I wasn't that crazy about it. I only used a little of it and I'm not sure it helped. I've got some other flavors to try out so maybe they will taste better.

It was a good run except for a Canadian goose tried to get me! Seriously this one goose did not want me to go past it. There are always several around the lake but they usually just get out of the way. This one actually started running toward me as I got closer and had it's mouth open! I don't know if geese can bite you or what but I didn't want to find out. I saw a bunch of people approaching so I waited until they were on the side of the goose and I ran past on the other side! Was that bad? It didn't go after them. On my next time around (2 loops) I was hoping it was gone but it wasn't. So again it starts coming after me. This time I said forget it and turned around and modified my route. That worked. Crazy goose! Maybe it had an egg or something or maybe it just didn't like me.

I had forgot to mention about my black toenail...gross I know. I got it several weeks ago and recently the dead toenail part fell off and now I just have this black weird toenail/skin (not sure what it is). I'll be nice and not post a pic! Anyways, I'm not sure how it happened but from what I read it could be my running shoes are too tight or the fact that I increased my mileage. I guess I thought these things only happened to runners that run like 1,000 miles a week or something. I just hope the actual nail grows back but I heard it takes a while. Perfect timing with flip flop season almost here! I did buy some cute band aids to save people from the sight of my freak toe.

Well unless something unforeseen happens to change our beach plans this weekend (hopefully not), we will be heading to the coast on Friday!!

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