Thursday, September 15, 2011


Last week at the running school we had a warm up session of Zumba.  I have only been exposed to one class of Zumba at the Y and it was okay.  I didn't really know the moves and struggled to keep up.  I've never been much into dancing...unless I've had a few drinks!  But everybody has been on this Zumba craze; talking about how much fun it is and it's such a great workout.  I've heard you'll be sweating buckets! 

Okay well I guess I'm not doing this Zumba thing right.  After our 20 minute warm up session, I wasn't sweating at all!  And we were outside - probably about 85 degrees.  I was able to keep up better with this instructor, but it just didn't feel like a great workout.  Nothing like running!  I really wanted to like Zumba. I still have a 20 class pass I bought a few months ago and haven't used yet.  Good thing it was only 20 bucks! 

I guess it's okay to not like something even if everybody else does.  I think I will just stick to running. :)

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