Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The past two years (part 1)

I first decided to start running in the summer of 2009.  I had dinner with a childhood friend after reconnecting on Facebook.  She had started running the year before after she signed up for a running school.  I had saw her running pictures on Facebook and after talking with her was totally inspired to start running.  One minor obstacle...I had never ran before!  In school, I didn't play sports and hated gym.  I have never been an athletic person.  But my friend said that she had never ran before this school either.  I remember her saying that she was always a walker and if she was ever running, it was because she was being chased!  Christi is too funny!

That August I joined the Women's Only running school with the Greensboro Running Club.  The assessment run was to run a mile.  I had never ran a mile.  I was nervous because I didn't want to finish last.  Although, this was not a race just an assessment so the instructors would know what group to put you in.  I did the mile run and my time was a little over 15 minutes.  And I didn't finish last, almost but not the very last.  Thinking back on that now it seems so trivial.  But at that time, old feelings from school started to come up about finishing last and not being good at sports.  So the assessment run was over and school was going to start in a few days.  But after that run, my knees were killing me!!  First, I didn't run in running shoes, they were cross trainers.  Second, I was not in shape and overweight.  I did go out and buy some running shoes.  I also got these strips to go around my knees.  Only one mile and I'm already injured...this is not off to a good start.  The first class was to run/walk with your group around Battleground park which is 1 1/2 miles.  No time limit just go at a pace comfortable for you.  We go to start running and I can't run at all.  Really, my knees hurt so bad it was all I could do to walk.  I didn't want to quit on the very first run, so I walked the trail.  One of my coaches walked with me the last half since I was very far behind in my group.  That was sweet of her to do.  I felt like such a loser.  The first class and I couldn't even run.  I made it to the next class the following week but again couldn't run.  In fact, my knees continued to hurt for over a month.  Needless to say, that was the end of my first running attempt.

Now we are on to my second running attempt.  It goes much better.  I was talking with a friend from work and she told me about a running program she found online called Couch to 5k.  We decided we would do the program together after tax season.  So in May 2010, we started the program together.  It consisted of running 3 days a week alternating running and walking for 30 minutes.  Sarah and I would try to run together one or two days and do the other run own our own.  The program worked really well.  It was also helpful to have each other for support and stay accountable.  I even ran on vacation at the beach! I remember when I first started the program and would have to run non-stop for 5 minutes, I thought I was going to die! As the weeks progressed, I was able to run 20 minutes non-stop.  Now it wasn't a fast run, but I was able to do it. I did the program all summer and registered for my first 5k race in August.

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